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The Digital Shop® Conference 2021

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Welcome to The Digital Shop® Conference 2021!

with Jon Belmonte, Tom Dorsey, Russ Crosby, John Long, & Adam Bendzick

In our opening keynote, Jon Belmonte and Tom Dorsey set the stage for the day’s events. Jon and Tom are joined by shop owners Russ Crosby, John Long, and Adam Bendzick who share their biggest lessons learned from 2020 and why they are excited for the opportunities of 2021.

What Makes an Award Winning Shop

with Rich Brauer & Isabel Antonucci

Hear from Rich Brauer, owner of 59 Auto, on what it takes to be the 2021 NAPA Shop of the Year. Hint: it has a lot to do with your shop staff and shop culture!

Capitalizing on Tire Sales To Improve Profitability

with Jenn Thronson, Ben Sarosy & Uwe Kleinschmidt

Tires are a common loss leader in mechanical-focused auto repair shops but is your shop making the most of tires as a sales, marketing, and customer retention tool? Join BayIQ’s Jenn Thronson and Ben Sarosy and AutoVitals’ Founder Uwe Kleinschmidt to share best practices on how to maximize tire sales effectively in your shop.

Make the Most of AutoVitals

with Uwe Kleinschmidt, John Long, Adam Bendzick, Bruce Williams, Travis Burd, Bill Connor, & Doug Brackett

Constant innovation is not only AutoVitals’ mission but is also the way of the industry. In this panel discussion with top AutoVitals users hear how they are implementing the latest solutions from AutoVitals in their shops.

Top Reasons to Use a Loyalty Rewards Program at Your Shop

with Jennifer Thronson & Ben Sarosy 

Are you getting the most out of your existing clients? Learn how using a loyalty rewards program can boost customer retention and up-sell opportunity!

Workshop: Labor Inventory management in TVP.X

with Bill Conor

In this workshop Bill Conor does a deep-dive in to how to use the Labor Inventory Management features in the latest version of AutoVitals.

Overcoming Disaster By Embracing The Digital Shop®

with Levon Arnold, John Miller, & Tom Braun 

The whole back shop out sick with COVID, navigating what being ‘essential’ really means, and contactless & digital customer experience are now typical challenges in our new digital age. Learn how shop owners tackled these issues head on and still increased their ARO and weekly revenue.

Marketing: How to Increase Your Car Count for Free

with Fred Gestwicki Jr & Kim Hickey

Fred Gestwicki Jr. and ATI’s Kim Hickey as they test your knowledge of essential marketing best practices for your shop. This packed session includes information on phone skills, exit appointments, reviews, lost customer campaigns, and more!

Workshop: Enable Text-2-Pay with AutoVitals & 360Payments

with Bill Conor

In this workshop session Bill Conor shows how to enable Text-2-Pay features in AutoVitals via the latest integration with 360Payments.

Invest in Your Shop's Financial Freedom

with Steve Dais

Hear from Steve Dais, a shop owner and Certified Public Accountant, on his approach to financial literacy and retirement savings so you can ensure you and your shop staff are prepared for anything.

Shop marketing: Convert More Leads and Win More Business

with John Long, Fred Gestwicki Jr, Joe Pfender, & Adam Kushner

Shop-owners Fred Gestwicki Jr. & John Long are joined for a round table discussion with Joe Pfender and Adam Kushner of Business Actualization on marketing best practices and how to know and define the difference between shop opportunities, MQLs, and SQLs.

Apply What You Learned Today in Your Shop

with Bruce Nation, Jon Belmonte, Uwe Kleinschmidt, & Bill Connor

Take a moment with our closing panel to reflect on the biggest takeaways from The Digital Shop® Conference 2021 and hear how other shop owners plan to implement what they learned today in their shop.

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