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The Digital Shop® Conference

January 27, 2021

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Looking to catch up on the action from The Digital Shop® Conference?

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  • Welcome to The Digital Shop® Conference: a panel discussion with John Long, Adam Bendzick, Russ Crosby and Tom Dorsey
  • What Makes an Award Winning Shop: an interview with Rich Brauer, owner of 59 Auto Repair
  • Capitalizing on Loss Leaders: Tires: turn loss leaders into leaders of your customer retention program
  • Make the Most of AutoVitals – New Solution Implementations 
  • Top Reasons to Use a Loyalty Program at Your Shop: learn how using a loyalty program can boost your shop’s customer retention and increase upsell opportunities
  • Overcoming Disaster by Embracing The Digital Shop®: listen in as Levon Arnold, John Miller, and Tom Braun share how they exceed their shop goals in the middle of a global pandemic by embracing digital technologies
  • Marketing – How to Increase Your Car Count for Free:
  • Financial Planning and Retirement: shop owner and public accountant, Steve Dais shares his finance best practices for his shop and shop staff
  • Defining the Difference Between Leads and Sales Opportunities in Your Digital Marketing: Hear how Fred Gestwicki Jr and John Long apply marketing principals in their shop
  • Apply What You Learned Today in Your Shop with Bruce Nation, owner of Westlake Independent Automotive and Bill Connor

*If you already registered for the event, the recordings will be emailed to you as soon as possible.

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